Through its bodies and specialized cadres, the ICDR strives to establish the doctrine of solidarity based on global human thinking which includes the following principles:

• Encouraging and backing up initiatives, teamwork and professional development, and honing skills and innovation throughout the Arab and Islamic countries to serve the common goal into which all efforts should go, i.e. “serving persons with disabilities”.

• Acknowledging and respecting ethnic, religious, cultural, social and economic differences between individuals and families.

• Valuing and respecting the dignity and rights of individuals.

• The ICDR was established in accordance with the principles of mutual trust, sincerity and openness to others.

• Adhering to the principles of independence, self-respect and self-confidence.

• Backing the multi-disciplinary approach and valuing the overall contribution of both the family and society. 

• Acknowledging the special needs of individuals and families in order to achieve an optimal living standard for all.