The ICDR has come in response to the requirements of the developmental mechanism imposed by the absence of coordination regarding different development issues. Foremost among them are the humanitarian issues, particularly those linked to disability and comprehensive rehabilitation across the Islamic World.  Coming next is the absence of an integral strategy seeking to promote the rights of people with special needs in all health, social, educational and living areas, generally speaking. The ICDR has also emerged at a time when there is no authentic up-to-date or updated statistics and data in most countries of the Islamic World; when there are variable indicators as to the extent of enforcing laws on disability rights in particular; when such laws are totally absent in some Islamic countries; when there is a divergence of views on the issues and rights of persons with disabilities between organizations working in this area; when such views are too unlikely to meet the most crucial criteria of integral social policies; when many rehab and development programs fail or fall short of meeting their goals in different fields;  when there is a lack of expertise and skills in parts of the Islamic World; when there are no real resources for carrying out development programs;  when disability issues are relegated to the bottom line of priorities amid the successional crises that have been hitting the Islamic countries and their negative impact on development issues.