The Islamic World Council on Disability and Rehabilitation (ICDR) is an umbrella organization striving through every scientific, artistic, technical and rehabilitative effort to achieve the right rehab goals for people with special needs in various areas.  It also aims at sustaining rehab efforts and controlling the respective mechanics to ensure the projection of the most positive image. To fully achieve its objectives, it also makes use of service-oriented, technical, rehabilitative, awareness-raising, educational and informative mechanisms.

To achieve its humanitarian objectives, the ICDR employs several effective strategies serving the issues of persons with special needs and disabled persons altogether. Meanwhile, it looks forward to: merging them in their communities, large and small; discovering and developing their abilities; educating them in a variety of ways so as to boost their self-confidence and earn them the respect of those around them; providing them with health, psychological and social services; enhancing the impact of these rights-related services on them; spreading awareness and preventive concepts that serve their issues; and ensuring rehabilitation to help unmask and develop more of their faculties through a variety of social activities.

Furthermore, the ICDR sets its sights on comprehensive humanitarian care programs covering the entire rehab, informative, service-and-research-oriented aspects—based on the philosophical belief that psychological security constitutes the basis of all security concepts, which can only be realized through ensuring social solidarity and taking the trouble to guarantee individual rehabilitation in all areas of life.

The ICDR also seeks to find an overall strategy involving systematic research, surveys, investigation, information, services, health and rehabilitation to determine the right need, address it immediately in a scientific fashion and meet it at the appropriate time. It acts therefore as a social umbrella for people with special needs.