Undertaking its efforts in accordance with the factual humanitarian needs, the ICDR adopts a host of programs that seek to:

• Strengthen the family as a fundamental guarantee for the prevention of disability through outreach programs, training, and dissemination of knowledge about both physical and spiritual health to ensure the consolidation of domestic framework, namely the educational system, health awareness and maternity and childhood programs.

• Monitor hotbeds of tension in order to restrain the resultant disabilities within the Islamic World; address the needs of the disabled and strive to supply them with rehab services.

• Carry out - where there is a need - rehab plans involving a great deal of disabled, aged and infirm persons.

• Issue printed materials that are likely to disseminate juristic knowledge about disability and rehabilitation and develop it into a worldwide humanitarian and developmental concept.

• Ensure international cooperation with similar bodies and discuss the ICDR’s plans and accomplishments during both global and ICDR’s specialized conferences.

• Collect vital statistics, basic epidemiological data and reliable information in order to design and develop a map showing the prevalence of disability in the Islamic World.

• Set up workshops and organize local, regional and global lectures, conferences and seminars in order to: whip up the enthusiasm of societies for humanitarian issues; enlist their support for persons with disabilities; develop common grounds and raise public awareness about their rights; help them achieve their desired quality of life.

• Provide studies, research and training programs that can ensure the development and success of rehabilitation programs to be implemented in the field of disability and rehabilitation.

• Work out plans and strategies in the field of advocacy and information about disability and rehab projects across the Arab and Islamic worlds.

To translate its ideas into a practical reality benefitting the disabled community throughout the Islamic world, the ICDR had to achieve a set of objective goals that would enable it legally and professionally to reach out to all the Islamic countries that suffer from many psychiatric, physical and mental disabilities.