The ICDR sets up its programs in accordance with the mechanisms and strategies that rest on disseminating, updating and making use of science, knowledge and rehab technology -- resources so important they represent basic elements of development, and so reliable they can raise the standard of services used in looking after people with special needs in general. The mechanisms and strategies also depend on: organizing programs, educational and training courses for students and practitioners in this area; reporting, translating and arabizing the latest publications on the issues of social and humanitarian care in general; issuing awareness-raising and educational publications and works, along with full scientific periodicals, and propagating them all over the Islamic World; contributing to the preparation of qualified staff through practical activities involving everything connected with disability affairs; putting out related reports, accomplishments, concerns and visions about the future; offering technical advice and making practical adjustments to all parties working with persons with special needs; conducting research, studies and comprehensive surveys to serve development issues of the physically challenged all around the Islamic World; opening direct and indirect channels of communication through all available media outlets; organizing meetings and conferences for civil society organizations that deal with these issues; prompting the provision of all the requirements of technical rehabilitation of persons with disabilities by a genuine identification of the actual needs, in every country, of persons with disabilities who represent the most marginalized groups within their respective societies;  bringing awareness publications and practical scientific studies to public notice; working out effective plans and strategies for all issues concerning people with special needs.