• Our Vision

    The Islamic World Council on Disability and Rehabilitation (ICDR) stands for a universal conception of the universality of Islam, for the unity of its society, whose social concept is based on solidarity and social justice.

  • Our Charter

    To ensure: that our respect is accorded and our attention is turned to every person having a special need or a development objective;; that they take advantage of whatever resource we have as we pursue the most comprehensive form of true social care

  • Our Programs

    Strengthen the family as a fundamental guarantee for the prevention of disability through outreach programs, training, and dissemination of knowledge about both physical and spiritual health


We seek to provide for people with special needs a friendly atmosphere where they would feel safe and reassured by the efforts being made to ease their plight, fire their enthusiasm, increase their confidence in the fact that Allah will help them through their struggle to overcome their afflictions or disabilities, and ensure they carry on leading a fruitful, fulfilled and decent social life. 

Why Choose us

A project of the Medical and Rehabilitation Consultancy House (MRCH), the ICDR was founded in 1996 for the purpose of working out ways for meeting disability needs across the Arab and Islamic worlds. It had a host of humanitarian goals set for preventing disabilities, ensuring early intervention, providing social rehabilitation, improving all the aspects to do with the living standards of the disabled, codifying their rights, and backing up their issues in all areas.

The ICDR recognizes the basic right of all persons to reach the highest level of independence and self-reliance, to perform activities fitting both their abilities and disabilities. The ICDR’s mission is therefore focused on improving the living standards of the disabled by propelling, motivating and sustaining them through innovative strategies so that they can: exercise their rights--including their right to self-determination; play an active role in their families, and develop the ability

Providing basic information structures

Providing basic information structures on all development and humanitarian issues concerning people with special needs all over the Islamic World. 

Unified, Integrative Strategy

Find some kind of coordination between civil society organizations that are concerned with issues of people with special needs and rights of persons with disabilities and bridge the gap between their viewpoints to reach a unified, integrative strategy. 

Control the rehabilitation process and implement the laws

Control the rehabilitation process and implement the laws and rights of persons with disabilities across the Islamic World communities, as well as to increase awareness about the issues and rights of physically challenged people. 

Increase awareness about people with special needs

Stimulate States and communities to increase awareness about people with special needs and pay attention to their own affairs at all levels.